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March 24, 2003

Cat Counseling. faust may need a referral to a catnip rehab clinic. as a special treat, i bought a bag of 'nip today. after giving all three cats a (very) small taste, i put it in the utility drawer in the kitchen. during dinner, we heard suspicious noises in the kitchen. suspecting that one of the cats was snacking on the salmon goodies we left on the counter, i went to check. sure enough, bevo was on the countertop, apparently licking salmon morsels. pitching her off the counter, i noticed brontë hanging out in the corner trying to look innocent; faust was not in evidence. i returned to my own meal. after eating and cleaning up dishes in the kitchen, i realized faust was suspiciously absent. checked all the usual hideouts; no faust. remembered strange kitchen noises, decided to check under-counter cabinet in kitchen. found faust. i thought it slightly odd that he had stayed in the cabinet for 45+ minutes since he has demonstrated in the past his ability to escape at will from accidental cabinet entrapment. and i also didn't recall him being in the vicinity during dinner prep when i opened the cabinet. whatever. a bit later, back in the kitchen for more cleaning, and i decided -- for no apparent reason -- to open the cabinet. "what's that mess down there?" i think to myself. look more closely. it's catnip. "how on earth did it get there? wait, there's the little plastic baggie." now quite ragged from chewing. somehow faust determined that he could get into the drawer hiding the catnip stash by way of the cabinet underneath*. very clever. from within the cabinet there is a gap of approximately two inches between the top of the drawer and the bottom of the counter. faust blindly fished out the goodies from there. catnip is now secure in the fridge. now i remember why i kept it in the fridge in the past. * why not just open the drawer while perched on the counter? because it's reasonably heavy and sticks a bit. no doubt fausst tried the drawer first.

posted by Erica at 3/24/2003 09:20:00 PM

January 04, 2003

Cat Codes. first seen here (link via feeny). one of feeny's people then saw fit to create a nifty online form for the cat codes. so, without further ado, here are our codes. brontë: "MX" Ot+W+G Y/Y 8.8 X L+ W++ C-- I++ T+/T+++ A-- E++ H S++ V F- Q--- P++ B+ PA++ PL++ faust: "MX" B G+Y/G+Y 10.8 Y L W C-- I++ T+/T--- A E H S+ V++ F+ Q+++ P B-- PA- PL- bevo: "AS" B+W Y/Y 2.8 X L- W- C-- I++ T+/T+++ A++ E- H+ S+ V++ F Q+ P B PA- PL-

posted by Erica at 1/04/2003 07:36:00 PM

Return of Adventure Kitty. brontë and friends spent the summer and fall and winter of 2002 being fairly well-behaved. lately they've started noticing more "pet" blogs come online (and are hoping to see more...), so they've resolved to put more effort into adventure kitty in 2003.

posted by Erica at 1/04/2003 07:25:00 PM

June 01, 2002

Visiting the Vet. today the cats made their annual trip to the vet for checkups and shots. surprisingly, this visit was relatively uneventful - faust didn't bite the vet. all received a clean bill of health; brontë is responding well to the flea treatment. the most difficult aspect of today's trip was getting all three cats into their carriers. they know that when the carriers come out of storage, a trip to the vet must be forthcoming. thus three cats who are typically very much underfoot become quite scarce. today's hiding places weren't very inspired. faust and brontë hid together under the upstairs bed, but couldn't get out of reach since there is a lot of other stuff stowed away under the bed. bevo seemed to think the seat of a dining chair would offer sufficient cover; sure, the chair was pushed in to the table, but this is one of her known refuges.

posted by adventure kitty at 6/01/2002 09:51:00 AM

May 30, 2002

bevo Bevo, b. 2000 aka beevles, beeves and beevy-weevy yes, she's named in honor of the university of texas mascot. her suggested name was "austen", which would have been consistent with the literary names of the other two cats in the household, while also (sort of) being a nod to austin, texas. but, despite the fact that she bears no resemblance whatsoever to a longhorn steer, the name "bevo" won. bevo was born a street cat, the offspring of a stray living in and around a dumpster near downtown houston. at a very tender age - perhaps four weeks - bevo wandered from her littermates and mother and was discovered making her way towards the feeder road of an interstate highway. she was less than half a block from the feeder, with no mama cat in sight, meowing piteously when she was overheard by a kind soul. bevo immediately demonstrated her desire to be a "domestic" cat by allowing herself to be picked up, neither scampering away nor struggling despite her upbringing as a stray. as the kind soul had been on her way to work before encountering bevo, she returned to her apartment, confined bevo in a cat carrier along with a bit of tuna and water, and left faust and brontë to introduce themselves. bevo is the only cat in the household with a tail. she violently objects to nail clipping, and is only slowly learning to appreciate baths. despite the fact that she is at the bottom of the pecking order, she is the self-designated "bed cat".

posted by adventure kitty at 5/30/2002 10:56:00 AM

May 27, 2002

faust Faust, b. 1992 aka faustie, faustles, hellcat, grumpycat, poo-poo, pooper like brontë, faust is a part manx, part barn cat born on a horse farm in arkansas. faust and brontë are probably related in some way, but only dna could tell for certain. faust moved to texas at an early age to become an apartment cat. as a kitten, he looked remarkably like an evil gremlin. there was some initial discussion about naming him "mephistopheles"; however, that name was rejected since (1) it was far too much name for such a tiny kitten and (2) he would have been called "muffy" which seemed inappropriate for such a serious, somber looking kitty. faust was a very lonely kitten for his first two years since his owner worked so much. daily ankle attacks as she returned from work finally convinced her to get a pet for faust - enter brontë. faust tolerates baths and nail clipping reasonably well; he loves the having the blow dryer aimed at his face. but for all his bluster, he lets brontë push him around. faust is easily the smartest cat in the household: he can open doors that are barely ajar from either inside or outside, leading to many adventures. faust is the undisputed top cat in the household.

posted by adventure kitty at 5/27/2002 08:45:00 AM

bronte Brontë, b. 1994 aka tay-tay, tatertot, brontles, b-cat and adventure kitty brontë is a part manx, part barn cat born on a horse farm in arkansas. at an early age she was chosen to join faust in texas. before going to texas, brontë was relocated from the barn to the farmhouse to be socialized (and housetrained). at this time she earned the name "velcro-kitty" for her habit of scaling up a person's clothes with her claws and clinging like velcro. at the age of about six months, brontë moved to texas and met faust. much to his annoyance, brontë worshipped faust and became his constant companion. when she was a wee thing, brontë would launch herself at faust's head, sometimes successfully attaching herself to one of his ears. faust would then bodyslam her and pin her to the ground for a few seconds. as soon as she was released, brontë would come back for more. this was when we knew she wasn't the brightest cat on the block. brontë is allergic to fleas, hates having her toenails clipped, and tolerates baths moderately well. the sound of a tuna can being opened makes her gurgle in anticipation. brontë is presently the middle cat in the household.

posted by adventure kitty at 5/27/2002 07:53:00 AM

May 26, 2002

The Watering Can - Summer 1999 the cat sitter had come to feed and water and play with the cats a day and a half before. this time, when she came to the apartment, faust and brontë didn't come running to greet her as they usually did. not thinking too much of it, she put the mail and newspapers on the kitchen table and refilled the food and water bowls. still no cats. starting to feel uncertain, she checked all the rooms and started looking under furniture. she finally found a wide-eyed faust under the bed. but still no brontë. at last, under the couch there was the missing cat - with her head inside a metal watering can (the sort used to water houseplants). the sitter immediately grabbed one of brontë's legs and - much to the sitter's surprise and relief - the cat abruptly sprang to life, but couldn't do much with a watering can as big as herself on her head. finally hauling the cat out from under the couch, the sitter tried to free the cat from the watering can, but to no avail. no amount of twisting or pulling (within reason) would work. the sitter tried calling the owner's boyfriend (who had not been trusted to care for the cats), but he was on the other side of the city and he found the situation too amusing to offer helpful advice. unable to find any tools in the apartment appropriate for freeing a cat from a watering can, the sitter decided to take brontë to her own house where she thought she could try wire cutters. wrapping brontë in a towel, she left the apartment. on the way to her car, the sitter encountered the building's housekeeper, but the housekeeper had no useful suggestions either. driving a car with a manual transition while cradling a cat and a watering can was something of an adventure in itself. at last, using wire cutters, the sitter was able to enlarge the opening in the watering can enough for brontë to pull out her head. brontë's recovery was swift; she promptly inhaled the tuna the sitter gave her. as far as we can tell, brontë suffered no lasting damage from the ordeal, although the sitter did experience a bit of emotional trauma. we will never know why brontë put her head in the watering can, but our best guess is that she and faust were chasing / playing with a bug and when the bug entered the can, brontë went after it. we suspect she did not learn anything from the experience.

posted by adventure kitty at 5/26/2002 09:15:00 PM

May 08, 2002

Adventures to Post. Under the House Cabinet Cubby Kitty Window Perch Kitty Screen Kitty Deck Den Kitty Poison Ivy Kitty

posted by adventure kitty at 5/08/2002 07:23:00 PM

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